About NetKids

NetKids — is a service helping parents monitor their children’s online activity.

  • blocks access to dangerous websites
  • generates reports on internet use
  • monitors activities in social networks
  • controls upload of photos and personal information
  • provides reports on search queries
  • monitors e-mails and blog posts

Intuitive and user friendly web-interface.

intuitive and user friendly web-interface.


Parents are responsible for what their children do online.
Only parents can protect their kids from threats.
Why using parental control software?.

How it works.

  1. Download and install our small program on the computer your child uses. When installing the software you will receive a login and password to access your Personal Account on this site.
  2. The software runs seamlessly. It never affects the performance of other programs.
  3. Use the login and password provided during installation to access your Personal Account and view reports, block or unblock dangerous sites and monitor your child’s online communication.

You decide when the service collects the data. Monitoring can be turned off at any time. All the data collected is only available to you. You are always free to delete the browsing history and all the data stored by the service.

For more details, please refer to Help Section.

It is natural to know where your child is.

It is no less natural to know what your child does online and try to protect him.