Licence types:

1. NetKids site blocking

Unlimited license period. Cost - 0$. Please confirm email address to activate. Blocking and monitoring functions are switched off until you activate your license.

NetKids Site blocking functions:

  • Dangerous site blocking
  • An amount of sites blocked
  • 7-day User activity

An ability to upgrade to a Premium service

2. NetKids

NetKids licence for the limited period, payment plans:

Plan Period Price
1. NetKids 1 Year 29$

NetKids features:

  • Site visits monitoring
  • Site monitoring classification (categories)
  • Search request monitoring (including a text of the request)
  • Mail activity monitoring
  • monitoring of the network communications, blog and forum activity;
  • Internet usage information (site visits, popular themes, daily internet activity)
  • Internal search system
  • Unwanted content blocking
  • Information on blocked site visits and activity
  • User feedback

All the collected information is available for 3 month