Parental Control

The Internet contains not only useful and interesting information but also numerous threats!

Why do we need parental control?
Why should parents control their child’s online activity?

The main threats to children online

Here are some figures from the researches conducted by the Foundation for Internet Development and the Department of Psychology of the Lomonosov Moscow State University under the EU Kids Online II project.

  • Over 40% of children see sexually explicit images online.

    Younger students encounter sexually explicit images less frequently than older ones, but at the same time experience greater stress.

    NetKids blocks access to sites with sexual, violent and fraudulent content, restricts sites promoting drugs and unhealthy lifestyle.

    There are plenty of sites dedicated to weight loss, drugs “you will never get addicted to”, home made explosives, etc.

  • Diligent children are 2 times more likely to access “bad” sites due to natural curiosity.

    Learn about your child’s interests. Make sure that his online interests are not dangerous.

  • Over 20% of children become victims of peer abuse.

    Parental control is required not only to block sites and restrict something but also to help protect their child. Try to analyze communication in social networks. Pay specific attention to rude expressions, threats, communication with strangers.

  • 80% of students have accounts in social networks.

    70% of students indicate their last name, exact age and school number.

    40% of Russian children are ready to continue communicating with people they met online in real life.

    30% of students have accounts with information visible to everyone.

    Find out, if anyone has ever asked your child the following question: "What is your parents’ salary?”
    Make sure that your child’s profile is closed from online strangers.
    Make sure you know people your child communicates with, and particularly those who they want to meet in real life.
    Find out how old their virtual “friends” are.

What is parental control?

Parental control is:

  • everything related to your child and the Internet,
  • blocking dangerous sites,
  • controlling what your child does online and who he communicates with,
  • (most importantly) attention to interests and problems of your children.

Be delicate and patient as if it is the first time you cross the street alone.

NetKids is just a parental control tool, but responsibility for proper control lies on parents’ shoulders.