NetKids Features

Blocking access to inappropriate sites

NetKids service allows restricting access to inappropriate or dangerous sites.
What is “inappropriate sites”?
Inappropriate sites include:

  • Sites with sexual content (videos, photos, sex forums, etc.).
  • Sites with aggressive or extremist content.
  • Sites calling for violence.
  • Sites promoting drugs, alcohol, excessive weight loss, experiments with health, etc.
  • Sites containing viruses or spreading viruses.
  • Fraudulent sites (requiring sending SMS, collecting data on credit cards, fake online stores…).

When a website is blocked, a user will see a blank page. Attempts to enter malicious sites will be displayed in the browsing history reports.

NetKids enables you to restrict not only sites, but also specific web pages. It means you do not have to block the whole site only because one of its sections contains the unwanted content. Such an approach is very important when blocking dangerous content on major web resources, such as social networks, libraries, photo galleries.

NetKids database has information on millions of inappropriate and dangerous sites. It is regularly updated from several sources.

  • In their Personal Accounts NetKids users may label specific sites as “dangerous for children”. Based on those parental labels, we add such sites to our “black list”.
  • We cooperate with WOT (Web of Trust), an open international community providing website ratings. Currently, community members marked over 7 million sites with “dangerous” label. Learn more about WOT..
    You may also join WOT community to make the Internet safer! For more details please visit
  • We receive information on dangerous sites from the Center of Analysis of the Internet Resources (CAIR). A large number of educational institutions use website bases and solutions of the CAIR.

We encourage our members to update the "black list" regularly and file complaints on the sites that they consider dangerous. Such actions will significantly increase the security level.