NetKids Features

Monitoring Social Networks

NetKids can monitor child’s communication in social networks. The main threats faced by children and worth paying attention to are as follows:

  • Communication with unfamiliar people – children are often frank with strangers.
  • Discussing sex-related topics.
  • Explicit and aggressive messages sent to your child – what if someone threatens him?
  • Discussing suicides, smoking, alcohol and drug use.

Questions like “What is your father’s salary?”, “When is there no one home?”, “What is your mother’s/grandmother’s maiden name?”, etc. Such questions may be a sign of a fraud.

It may be important and useful to monitor content uploaded by your children to social networks. Pay attention to candid vacation photos, photos of “new dad’s car” and other similar things.

Do not be afraid of anything and everything. Be considerate when discussing with your child what has scared or disappointed you. Discuss what he can do and can not do in the Internet (which photos can be posted, with whom he can communicate, etc.).

Have you seen your child’s profiles in the social networks?
Do you know the privacy settings applied in his profile?
Do you know that 70% of children indicate their last name, exact age and school number in their profiles?